English Book Club

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will hold its 2010 AGM at 18h00

on Monday November 22nd

in the club rooms (club barrack 564).

Club members are invited to attend. Any members wishing to

add points on to the agenda should contact

one of the committee before November 12th.

AGM  --  AGM  -- 2010 --  AGM  --  AGM

The English Book Club has a collection of over 4500

English language books, mostly general fiction with

a sprinkling of nonfiction and children’s books.

New books are purchased regularly and the books

are shelved in our club room which is accessible

to members at all times.

Membership is open to all (staff and external) and there is

a special tariff for short term students. See the club’s

website at http://cern.ch/englishbookclub for more details.

par CERN English Book Club