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Science: the shared language of development

This year’s conference on “Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean” is being held in Malta from 5 to 8 May. It is the sixth in a series of conferences whose aim is to promote dialogue among countries in the Mediterranean region through the language of science, organised by the “Sharing Knowledge Foundation”. CERN is one of the Foundation’s partners, and today John Ellis, one of CERN’s non-Member State advisors, announced CERN's readiness to donate several hundred computers to various Moroccan universities to encourage their participation in high-energy physics and Grid computing >>

Rutherford’s Legacy

It’s 100 years to the month since Ernest Rutherford published the paper that established the existence of the atomic nucleus, and in a way gave rise to much of what we do at CERN. >>

LHC Report: Records are made to be broken

The LHC has spent the last couple of weeks delivering collisions to the four main experiments. At the same time the number of bunches in the beam has been steadily increased. >>

CERN openlab and its partners - a unique collaboration

Collaborating with industry is a long-standing tradition at CERN. CERN openlab is a unique example of a structure for CERN and industry to jointly carry out large-scale research and development in the field of information technologies. An initiative perceived by some as rather new, as already old by others,  the openlab this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. >>

The XWHO directory retires

On 11 May a new web-based phonebook will take over from the 16-year old XWHO directory. It will provide access to basic contact information for people and services at CERN. A user-friendly interface will allow you to look for people and services using criteria such as first or last name, organisational unit and phone number. All requests submitted to the retired XWHO directory will be redirected to the new phonebook. >>

Open Access publishing – another important step forward for SCOAP3

Over recent years CERN has led an initiative, known as SCOAP3, to convert high-quality journals in the field of high-energy physics to Open Access. This will eventually allow anyone, anywhere, anytime, to access peer-reviewed results of research in our field, and will offer more opportunity for the re-use of scientific information. As a pilot, the CERN Scientific Information Service has been establishing partnerships with leading publishers in the field since late 2009 to offer similar conditions to the LHC collaborations. >>

Workplace Safety: you've answered the right questions!

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work was a great success. A big thank you to everyone who took part and took the time to ask themselves the "right questions". >>

Joint US-CERN-Russia-Japan School

The Joint US-CERN-Russia-Japan School recently organised a course on Synchrotron Radiation & Free Electron Lasers, held at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice, Italy from 6 to 15 April, 2011. >>

Privacy, who cares?

In mid-April, the Sony “Playstation” and “Online Entertainment” networks were compromised and the records of nearly 100 million(!) users (names, addresses, dates of birth, e-mail addresses) were stolen. It even seems that the credit card numbers of these users where lost, too. >>

Ombuds' Corner: Team spirit and rumours

Something had to be done, but what? >>

News from the Library: Access to CERN Council documents

Records of the CERN Council and its Committees are now more easily available thanks to a digitisation and cataloguing project carried out by the CERN Archive team following the CERN Council's decision in September 2008 to have all paper copies of their past documents scanned and made available electronically. Over 12,000 official documents, most of them available in both English and French, are now available here. >>

Official News

REMINDER : deadline for submission of reimbursements claims to UNIQA  
Administrative Circular No. 20 (Rev. 2) – Re-evaluation of the kilometre allowance when using a private vehicle for journeys on official duty  
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Safety Training: scheduled sessions in May  
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Particle physics seminar: Muon radiography of volcanoes and the MU-RAY project  
2011 "Cour des Contes" storytelling festival  
Part-time post for qualified teacher of secondary Mathematics in English  
Physics of the extreme : prospects, mysteries and figures of the LHC Prof. Giuseppe Iacobucci  
Concert du chœur et de l'orchestre de l'Université de Genève  

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