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Wednesday 8 June 2011
at 17.00 hrs – Stückelberg Auditorium

A Novel Experiment for the Search muon -> eee
Prof. Andre Schoening, University of Heidelberg

The absence of lepton-flavor changing processes, like the non-observation of the radiative decay mu -> e gamma, has been a miracle since the dawn of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and lead to the introduction of the concept of lepton family numbers.

Several experiments in the last decade have shown clear evidence for neutrino oscillations. The neutrino mixing angles measured are known to be large. However, the discovery of lepton flavor violating (LFV) effects in the charged lepton sector is yet owing.

After motivating the search for LFV in general I will discuss the physics potential of a search muon -> eee with an increase of sensitivity by four orders of magnitude compared to previous experiments. Background studies for a detector exploiting "state of the art" detector technologies are presented. Emphasis will be given to the tracking system using mainly thin monolithic high voltage CMOS pixel detectors.

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Organizer : G. Pasztor


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