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Regattas everywhere (bis)!

A fornight ago, we reported on imminent Match-Racing of the Surprises as the highlight of the season: it has now happened of course, and been written up on the Website Blog - along with the results of the Semaine du Soir of Versoix, which happened a week later, with many YCC teams competing: it is nice to report that our dinghies (either club-owned or skippered) wiped up the opposition!

Sanja’s photo herewith from the Bol d’Or implies that there were some Surprises (and others) actually ahead of our Mic Mac - truth be told, there were, at different stages, but the event June 18/19 was a good regatta, if a very hard one as the wind strengths were Bf 6 with Bf7 gusts. Sanja reports that this regatta was more impressive and much harder than the SdS: skipper Thierry, on Mic Mac, did a great job, from an excellent start which kept her among the first ten Surprises for 4 hours - not bad, when they finished the regatta after ~13 hours, with 26th position out of 109 Surprises. Congratulations!

And if you’d like to emulate their successes, or merely hone your techniques, do not forget the next Internal Regatta, Monthly III, Sunday, 10 July - see you there!

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