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New Lifecycle for Firewall Openings

The first line in defending CERN against malicious traffic from the Internet is CERN's outer perimeter firewall. Following a well-defined set of rules, this firewall permits or denies any incoming network traffic to communicate with CERN hosts and controls outgoing traffic towards the Internet. System administrators can usually request firewall openings for the servers they are responsible for by using the LANDB Web interface ( These requests are approved or rejected following the result of a subsequent security scan performed by the Computer Security Team. >>

Publication of the Bulletin in August

During August, there will be one issue of the Bulletin (No. 32-33-34/2011) covering the weeks of 10, 17 and 24 August. >>

CERN Mobility Survey

The Institute of Shipping and Transport of the University of the Aegean and the National Technical University of Athens are partners with CERN in a study of mobility patterns between and within the CERN sites and to that effect have realized a mobility survey dedicated to the CERN community. >>

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