e-EPS News: Consultation on European Research, Innovation & Gender

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EPS members have been invited to take part in a Public Consultation on the Future of Gender and Innovation in Europe. The consultation, which is intended to complement the EC Green Paper ‘From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding’, will be published and discussed during the first European Gender Summit in Brussels on 8-9 November this year.

It is hoped that the consultation – which is being coordinated by genSET and the organisers of the European Gender Summit – will create a better understanding of how Europe might benefit from a more effective mainstreaming of the gender dimension in research, innovation and scientific systems.

Responses from the consultation will be used in the upcoming Policy Manifesto on Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research, which will be presented to the European Commission and other key policy makers later this year.

The first European Gender Summit, which is being held in the SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre, aims to promote the discussion of how gender is viewed in the culture of research and innovation, and what potential changes could be made in this field.

The summit is being held under the auspices of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, with support from the Science and Society Programme of the European Commission. The organisers of the event are the European Cooperation in Science and Technology, the European Science Foundation and genSET.

For more information on the European Gender Summit, and to register, please visit the summit website.

by e-EPS