Why join the Staff Association

Becoming a member of the Staff Association (SA) is above all a personal choice, showing that the joining person’s commitment and adherence to values such as solidarity, social cohesion, etc.In September, the SA launches a membership campaign to convince a maximum number to join, to inform, arouse interest and support. Posters, emails and individual contacts are part of the campaign programme, just like this editorial.

As far as individual contacts are concerned, we ask you to give time and lend an ear to the delegates of your department in the Staff Council, who will approach you, in order to make an open and constructive discussion possible. Do not hesitate to ask questions and let them know your thoughts about the SA, as (constructive) criticism enables us to progress.

The Staff Association and its role of collective representation
The Staff Association, via its delegates, represents collectively all staff of the Organization before the Director-General and Member States.

To do this, staff representatives actively take part in the different committees, commissions, and joint bodies: Standing Concertation Committee (SCC), Tripartite Employment Condition Forum (TREF), Joint Advisory Rehabilitation and Disability Board (JARDB), Joint Advisory Appeals Board (JAAB), Joint Advisory Disciplinary Board (JADB), Safety Policy Committee (SAPOCO), Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB), CERN Health Insurance Supervisory Board (CHISB), Department Safety Officers’ Committee (DSOC), Restaurant Committee (CSR), Advisory Committee for CERN Users (ACCU), Joint Training Board (JTB),Technical Executive Committee (TEC), Harassment Investigation Panel (HIP), amongst others. The Staff Association also takes part in all types of discussions and always acts in the interest of the staff. In the framework of the PFGB and CHISB, in particular, we participate in the managements of these bodies. The SA is a real source of proposals.

Each time decisions have to be taken on an important subject, such as the outcome of a five-early review or the conditions for pensions, the Staff Association consults all staff by referendum and, when necessary, ask for the support of the staff when it proposes actions.

To remain informed on what is happening outside of the Organization, regular contacts and exchanges with the Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations (FICSA) and the Conference of Staff Associations of International Organizations (CSAIO), as well as with French and Swiss unions in the Collectif.

The Staff Association and its help to individuals
But the SA can also be at your side when you encounter problems at work, with colleagues or your supervisor. For this, the Association has its Individual Cases Commission, where, in full confidentiality, you can discuss your problems with members of the Staff Council who will be able to give you advice and help you with administrative or other steps, and, when needed, assist you in formal meetings (JAAB, JADB, JARDB, HIP). If necessary, we call upon the services of our external legal counsel, who can, if need be, accompany you even up to the ILOAT, and this at no cost for members of the Staff Association.

The Staff Association also
Manages the Nursery School (SA is the employer); coordinates around fifty clubs and provides some with financial support; organizes cultural events (exhibitions, conferences); organizes the children’s Christmas Party; supports humanitarian projects via, among others, the Long-Term Collections.

And, last but not least, the SA negotiates various special offers for its members, for instance reduces price for TPG season tickets, special conditions at the BCGE bank, and a lot of other commercial advantages.

So, let’s join the SA
The reasons for joining the SA can, of course, be very different for each one of you.

For some, the SA contributes to the cohesion of the CERN staff and this is reason enough to join, while others are more attached to the “political” role of the SA in the concertation process with Management, recognizing its vital role in defending the interests of all the staff (members and non-members). And others will join simply to benefit from our special offers.

Whatever the motives are, for us, Staff Council delegates, your membership is synonymous with support and recognition. By joining the Staff association in great number you guarantee its diversity and make it stronger by increasing its representativeness.

More information about the running of the SA is available on the SA web site (http://association.web.cern.ch/association/en/) with a “Membership” web page with on-line membership form and information about formalities and cost of membership.

by Association du personnel