Geneva University: Experiments in Physics: Hands-on Creative Processes

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Lundi 3 octobre 2011, 17h00
Ecole de Physique, Auditoire Stueckelberg

«Experiments in Physics : Hands-on Creative Processes»
Prof. Manfred Euler
Leibniz-Institute for Mathematics and Science Education (IPN)
University of Kiel, Deutschland

Experiments play a variety of different roles in knowledge generation. The lecture will focus on the function of experiments as engines of intuition that foster insights into complex processes. The experimental presentations consider self-organization phenomena in various domains that range from the nanomechanics of biomolecules to perception and cognition. The inherent universality contributes to elucidating the enigmatic phenomenon of creativity.

Une verrée en compagnie du conférencier sera offerte après le colloque.

         Prof. Markus Büttiker

by Université de Genève