Horn of Africa food crisis

Dear colleagues,

As many of you are already aware, the Horn of Africa is experiencing an extremely severe food crisis as a result of one of the toughest droughts since the early 1950s. A total of over 12 million people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda are severely affected by this devastating crisis and the UN has officially declared famine in these regions.
In addition, children are the most vulnerable victims, with more than a half million children at risk of imminent death from severe malnutrition and an estimated 2.3 million children already malnourished.

An immediate, determined mobilization is required in order to avert an imminent humanitarian catastrophe and to prevent millions of people from being robbed of a future through the scourge of hunger and malnutrition. CERN has decided to join this international mobilization by specifically opening an account for those who want to make a donation to help the drought- and famine-affected populations in the region. Children being the first victims of this severe hunger crisis, the totality of the funds collected will be transferred to the UNICEF (for more information : http://www.unicef.org/esaro/5440_Horn_of_Africa_crisis_worsens.html). We are counting on your generosity to make our contribution to this important cause successful.

Please feel free to contact Emanuele Piemonti Spalazzi (emanuele.piemonti.spalazzi@cern.ch), Claudia Dupraz (claudia.dupraz@cern.ch), or Petra Pamblanco (petra.pamblanco@cern.ch) regarding any question you may have.

For the Management and the Staff Association
Rolf Heuer, Director-General and Michel Goossens, President of the Staff Association


Bank account details for the donations

Bank account holder
Association du personnel CERN
1211 GENEVE 23

Bank account number: 279-HU106832.1
IBAN: CH85 0027 9279 HU10 6832 1

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