Physics colloquium: Electron counting in quantum dots in and out of equilibrium

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Lundi 31 octobre 2011
17h00 - Ecole de Physique, Auditoire Stueckelberg

« Electron counting in quantum dots in and out of equilibrium »
Prof. Klaus Ensslin
Solid State Physics Laboratory, ETH Zurich, 8093 Zurich, Switzerland


Electron transport through quantum dots is governed by Coulomb blockade. Using a nearby quantum point contact the time-dependent charge flow through quantum dots can be monitored on the basis of single electrons. This way electron transport has been investigated in equilibrium as well as out of equilibrium. Recently it has become possible to experimentally verify the fluctuation theorem.
The talk will also address electron counting experiments in grapheme.

Une verrée en compagnie du conférencier sera offerte après le colloque.

Prof. Markus Büttiker


by Geneva University