3rd International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition - Cracow (Poland), 1 – 8 February 2012

After two successful editions of the International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ), the ISOTDAQ 2012 is the third of a series of this International School dedicated to introduce MSc and PhD students to the arts and crafts of triggering and acquiring data for physics experiments. The school will be held from 1 – 8 February 2012 in the Cracow University of Technology and Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow, Poland. 

The school provides an up-to-date overview of the basic instruments and methodologies used in high energy physics, spanning from small experiences in lab to the very large LHC experiments, spotting the main building blocks as well as the different solutions and architectures at different levels of complexity.

The main topics of the school include the basics of Data Acquisition (DAQ) programming concepts (e.g. threaded programming, data storage, networking, IO programming), hardware bus systems (VME bus, PCI), Trigger logic and Hardware (NIM). PC based readout systems and trigger design will also be covered together with reviews of modern TDAQ systems from LHC and fixed target experiments.

More information and registration at: http://isotdaq2012.ifj.edu.pl/

Applications are now open and the deadline for application is 1 December 2011.

Video report of ISOTDAQ 2011 - Rome: http://cds.cern.ch/record/1342126

by Yi Ling