News from the Library: A new start for CERN Bookshop

Since 11 October, the CERN Bookshop (Building 52, first floor, inside the Library) is entering a new era. This is thanks to a collaboration with the CERN Central Stores and the Logistics Services of GS, who are directly managing the Booskhop's stock. As a result, you can order the books you want and have them delivered directly to your office by simply creating a 'material request' document in EDH.


Of course, you are welcome to continue visiting the Bookshop as before, as the stock will continue to be displayed in our premises in Building 52. You will be able to pay by cash (only CHF accepted), credit card (all major credit cards accepted), or budget code directly in the Bookshop. No more queues at the bank!

The Bookshop collection is available here. Just look for the book you want, and order it using the material request form linked to the book record. The Bookshop catalogue is also available on EDH.

If you want us to purchase on your behalf a book that is not available in the Bookshop catalogue, please use this form.

Please alert us if you encounter any problem. Your feedback is precious to us:


by CERN Library