Security bingo for the paranoid

We have received complaints that the previous SECURITY BINGO was too easy… So, are you extremely cautious of computer security? Show us and win one of three marvellous books on computer security! Just print out this page, mark which of the 25 good practices below you already follow, and send the sheet back to us at or P.O. Box G19710, by October 31st 2011.


Winners[1] must show us that they follow at least five good practices in continuous horizontal row, vertical column or diagonal. For details on CERN Computer Security, please consult

I personally…


…encrypt all files on my computer.

…have enabled Firefox’ NoScript plug-in.

…will always call you back to verify your identity.

…still employ a mobile phone without mail and Internet capabilities.

…use multifactor authentication for logging into CERN.

…have a polarisation filter attached to my laptop screen.

…never use any wireless connections (Wifi or GSM).

…check all activity on my computer once a day.

…have deleted my Faceboook and Twitter profiles long ago.

…never access my bank through their web-site.

…shred all unused CDs/DVDs/USB sticks with my data on.

…run static code analysers and check compiler outputs.

…have put Epoxy glue in the USB ports of my computer.

…only communicate through secure protocols (SSH, HTTPS, …).

…only surf with the “Lynx” web browser.

…do not own a Visa/Mastercard. my back when using my computer in a public place.

…reinstall my computer every 6 months.

…keep a 16+ character-long passphrase as my CERN password.

…reset my password every month.

…accept only encrypted and signed mails.

…never print via the network.

…never need administrator or root privileges for normal activity on my computer.

…get all software written by me reviewed by colleagues.

…have given up on computers long time ago.

 In the event of more than three credibly correct replies, we will draw from the pool of replies.

by Computer Security Team