New procedure for departure formalities

As part of the process of simplifying procedures and rationalising administrative processes, the HR and GS Departments have introduced new personalised departure formalities on EDH.

These new formalities have applied to students leaving CERN since last year and from 17 October 2011 this procedure will be extended to the following categories of CERN personnel: Staff members, Fellows and Associates.

It is planned to extend this electronic procedure to the users in due course.

What purpose do departure formalities serve?

The departure formalities are designed to ensure that members of the personnel contact all the relevant services in order to return any necessary items (equipment, cards, keys, dosimeter, electronic equipment, books, etc.) and are aware of all the benefits to which they are entitled on termination of their contract.

The new departure formalities on EDH have the advantage of tailoring the list of services that each member of the personnel must visit to suit his individual contractual and personal position.

What the member of the personnel has to do

When HR Department confirms the termination of contract, the member of the personnel receives an email containing all the information needed to complete the departure formalities, i.e.:

  • a letter (in pdf) constituting official notification of the departure conditions deriving from the contractual position of the member of the personnel concerned;  all the information contained therein relates to the personal position of the member of personnel concerned;
  • a termination sheet (on EDH) listing all the services which the member of the personnel must visit to complete the departure formalities.

The member of the personnel must visit all the services listed on the termination sheet in order to complete the formalities.  The services may be visited in any order provided that the deadlines shown on the termination sheet are complied with. Thus, priority must be given to completing certain formalities, whereas others cannot be completed until the last day of contract.

The services concerned consult the member of the personnel’s termination sheet in EDH and then validate completion of the departure formalities by clicking the ‘signature' box. They may add comments for internal use.

The member of the personnel must visit all the services indicated on the termination sheet, failing which completion of the departure formalities will not be validated.

This visit must be made even if the member of the personnel is staying on at CERN under a user contract.

NB: It is essential for all departure formalities to have been completed by the time of termination of contract.

Further assistance

Further information can be found in the departure formalities procedure in the admin e-guide:

If you encounter any difficulties with this new EDH document, we invite you to e-mail the explaining the problem.



by HR & GS Departments