2011 Elections to Staff Council


Elections to fill all seats in the Staff Council are being organized this month. Voting will begin on Monday 31 October.

Make your voice heard and be many to elect the new Staff Council. By doing so, you will be encouraging the men and women who will  represent you over the next two years and they will doubtless appreciate your gratitude. More details on the elections can be found on the Staff Association web site. (http://association.web.cern.ch)

Elections Timetable

Monday 31 October, at noon
start date for voting

Monday 14 November, at noon
closing date for voting

Monday 21 November,
publication of the results in Echo

Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 29 November
Staff Association Assizes

Tuesday 6 December, at 10.00 a.m.
first meeting of the new Staff Council and election of the new Executive Committee

The voting procedure is monitored by the Election Committee. 

by Staff Association