News from the Library: Share your work, submit your thesis to CDS!

Are you a student paid by CERN, using CERN equipment or advised by CERN staff and you are currently writing a thesis? Then you should know that you are welcome to submit your final work to the CERN Document Server (CDS), where it will be made available by Open Access.


This is the most efficient way of sharing your work within the community - your thesis will certainly find a much greater audience than if you follow the advice of certain dubious publishing companies (see the article Free access to science... but at what cost? published in this issue). At the same time, you ensure long-term storage of your file.

All theses qualify, from bachelor to PhD, and any language is accepted. You simply go to CDS and submit your work. If your thesis was written some years ago it is still not too late to submit it; it will then get a new life on CDS!

More information here.
CERN Theses collection here.

If you have any questions or submission problems, please do not hesitate to contact Catherine Cart. If you prefer that we do the submission on your behalf you can simply send the .pdf file of your thesis to the same address - or send a hard copy to her office.


by CERN Library