Visit of UK firms at CERN

24 – 25 NOVEMBER 2011

09h00 to 17h00 Thursday 24 November
09h00 to 17h00 Friday 25 November

Individual interviews will take place in technicians’ offices. The firms will contact relevant users/technicians but any user wishing to make contact with a particular firm is welcome to use the contact details which are available from each secretariat of department or from the GS Department web pages at the following URL:

List of Companies:

• AWS Electronics
• Cryogenic
• Hytec Electronics
• Industrial Electronic Wiring
• M G Sanders
• MDC Vacuum
• MM Microwave
• Premier Building and Engineering
• Russel Ductile Castings
• Tadley Engineering

For further information please contact Claudia Bruggmann Furlan GS-IS-LS 73312 or Caroline Laignel GS-DI 73722.

by FP Department