News from the Library: Two new online services available at CERN: thank you for your feedback!

The Library has activated two different new online services, as a result of very successful trial periods and thanks to your positive feedback and strong support: PressDisplay and Nucleonica.


PressDisplay is an online portal where one can browse and read online articles from more than 1,900 newspapers from 95 countries, as soon as they are published. Le Monde, International Herald Tribune and many more titles are available in their original layout including text and images. Thanks to RSS feeds, users can directly receive news from their favorite newspapers, but articles can also be printed and sent via email. Based on the very positive feedback we got from the community, the CERN Library has activated a one-year subscription to PressDisplay, and a wealth of information is now available at everyone's fingertips at CERN.

In addition to that, the latest Library news about Nucleonica, the nuclide and isotope database derived from the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, generated so much interest among readers that the CERN Library in collaboration with DGS-RP has already set up a one-year Premium access for the whole of CERN. In order to benefit from this new resource, you can register for a basic account here using your CERN email address, and your account will be automatically upgraded to Premium.

If you have any comments or questions - please contact us at

by CERN Library