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Show: Dr. H, the life and death of pancakes

Dr. H, the life and death of pancakes, a comic theatrical creation, written and performed by Heiko Buchholz. >>

News Articles

An interview with the Director-General  
An annual performance appraisal for CERN  
LHC Report: First collisions soon  
The fundamental mass (this is not about the Higgs)  
CERN to start producing medical isotopes  
COMPASS spins in new directions  
CERN HR receives award for on-line recruitment and communication  
The inventor of the “Rencontres”  
“Accelerating Science” exhibition zooms to Turkey  
Different way, same goal  
Helix Nebula: sunshine and clouds on the CERN computing horizon  
Highlights from e-EPS: Gender Manifesto / Energy Conference / ERASMUS Anniversary  
Higgs Reconstructed at CERN’s Computer Centre  
Ombuds’ corner: Code of Conduct and change of behaviour  

Official News

Staff Rules and Regulations – modifications Nos. 6 and 7 to the 11th edition  

Training and Development

Academic Training Lecture: Statistical Methods for Particle Physics  
“Use of fire extinguishers”—a new course with a new simulator  


CERN meets Facebook  
New Snail Mail Scanning Service  
AMFIE Information meetings  
CERN restaurant opening times during the Easter weekend  
New arrivals  
Global INET 2012: Meeting at the Crossroads: Imagining the future Internet  

Staff Association

Assemblée générale  
Yachting Club  
Record Club  
Dancing Club  



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