“Use of fire extinguishers”—a new course with a new simulator

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A new training course, “Handling of fire extinguishers”, is available since the beginning of March 2012.
The training course is given by members of CERN’s Fire Brigade (GS-FB) and is intended for all members of personnel of CERN.
Upon successful completion of the training course, you will be able to do the following:

  • recognise a potentially combustible item and the various fire classes;
  • choose the appropriate extinguisher for a given fire class;
  • handle a fire extinguisher properly and efficiently;
  • apply CERN's safety instructions.

An important part of the training are the different firefighting exercises conducted using a new simulator, which makes it possible to simulate real conditions such as the following:

  • a fire in the office;
  • a fire in an electrical cabinet;
  • a fire involving chemicals.

Don’t wait:  sign up for the training course directly through the CERN Training Catalogue by clicking on the following link:
Course code 077YY00 – Use of fire extinguisher – live exercises
The dates of forthcoming sessions are posted in the CERN Training Catalogue.
The course will be offered in French and English.
For more information, contact the Safety Training team (HSE Unit) directly by sending an e-mail message to safety.training@cern.ch.

by HSE Unit & GS/FB