Safety brings CERNois together

The World Day for Health and Safety at Work, which was celebrated at CERN on 27 April, provided an opportunity for the safety professionals and members of the CERN personnel to get together to discuss joint concerns. It was a good opportunity for people to learn to distinguish between good and bad habits.


Members of the CERN Fire Brigade advise the Director-General.

Two weeks ago, for the second year running, CERN’s restaurants hosted World Day for Health and Safety at Work stands. And once again, the stands attracted considerable interest. “Many people consulted our experts on safety issues relating in particular to ergonomics and electrical risks, the two themes to which we devoted particular attention this time,” explained Charles-Edouard Sala, a member of the BE Department’s Safety Unit and co-organiser of the event.

The cardiac massage competition organised by members of CERN's Fire Brigade attracted a large number of competitors. No fewer than 80 people, including our own Director-General, took part. The goal was to try and get as close to the natural heartbeat rate as possible. The winners were: 

Alain Grimaud, who won a Fnac voucher; runners-up Neus Lopez March and Alexandre Putzu each won a cardio watch; and Mathilde Favier and Elisa Gros, a box of chocolates each.

The ergonomics contest “Show us what has changed”, which entailed improving the comfort and ergonomics of one's own workstation, was won by Katarina Anthony-Kittelsen, who received a 100€  Vitam’ Parc voucher; runners-up Natasha Lavy-Upsdale and Anaïs Schaeffer each won a 50€ Vitam’ Parc voucher; and Regis Buffet and Emeline Weymaere each won a box of chocolates.

The organisers from the BE Department and the HSE Unit would like to thank all those at CERN who contributed to the marked success of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work and for making it such an enjoyable occasion. They would also like to take this opportunity to thank all their colleagues, and in particular members of the BE-ASR-SU, BE-BI, HSE-SEE, EN-EL, GS-ME, GS-FB, and GS-SE-HE units, for making themselves available for consultations at the stands.

Please do not hesitate to contact the BE Department’s Safety Unit ( or the HSE Unit ( for any further information or if you have any further questions.

by CERN Bulletin