Public meetings in the departments

During our recent information meetings, we discussed four topics:

  • the new Saved Leave Scheme (LTSLS);
  • the new developments concerning pensions;
  • the MARS Advancement and Promotion scheme and its 2012 budget;
  • the recently updated Administrative and Operation Circulars.

These meetings were attended by a large number of staff members and were a great opportunity for the Staff Association to engage in direct dialogue with the staff in the various departments. The vast majority of questions or comments were on the LTSLS and on the possibility to save leave, which is to be taken at the end of a career.  A few comments were also made on MARS, a system many considered to be not very motivating and that takes up a lot of resources for minimal positive results.

Thanks and encouragement

After the presentation on Pensions, on behalf of the Staff Association we thanked Dorothée Duret, who for personal reasons had to resign from the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB) and from the Staff Council in March 2012.  We mentioned her remarkable contributions to the work of the PFGB, on which she was Vice-President, and to the Staff Council for many years. We highlighted her dedication in defending the interests of staff in the PFGB and the professionalism that characterized her participation in the discussions in the various Committees and Commissions of the PFGB and the Staff Council.  In each of our five meetings, spontaneous applause from all attendees paid tribute to Dorothée’s work, a fully deserved recognition.

We also announced the nomination of Alessandro Raimondo by the Staff Council as second staff representative to the PFGB. A task full of challenges awaits Alessandro and all those present expressed their full support to him for his commitment.

Work in the Standing Committees

Throughout the meetings we emphasized the importance of team-work, the basis of all the activities within the Staff Association, in particular within its Standing Committees. Indeed, the Committees are an important forum of discussions, where everyone can express themself and actively participate in finding solutions together to improve the employment and working conditions of staff at CERN.

We would like to remind you that Staff Association members who are interested in a specific topic dealt with by one of the Standing Committees (see list below) are most welcome to participate in their work. If you need more information, contact your staff delegate or the Staff Association Secretariat.


Standing Committees / Commissions permanentes Coordinator / Animateurs
Employment conditions / Conditions d’emploi Céline Grobon
Health and Safety / Hygiène et Sécurité Frédéric Galleazzi
InFormAction Laurent Faisandel
Legal / Juridique Flavio Costa
Pensions Alessandro Raimondo
ProtSoc Joël Lahaye


by Staff Association