REMINDER : Changes in family situation are to be declared promptly

All changes in the family situation of members of the personnel (employed or associated) have to be declared without delay and in writing to the Organization.


Among the changes that shall be notified within 30 calendar days of their occurrence, the most frequent ones are:

• marriage;
• divorce;
• entering into a partnership officially registered in a Member State;
• dissolution of such a partnership;
• death of the spouse or partner; and
• birth or death of a child.

For more information, in particular on how to declare any of the above changes, please see the CERN Admin e-guide.

In addition, any change to the health insurance situation, the income or retirement pension of the spouse or partner of any staff member or fellow also has to be declared to the Organization in writing within 30 calendar days of its occurrence. Such changes shall be declared using the EDH CHIS Declaration of health insurance situation spouse/partner.

by HR Department