News from the Library: Microsoft products no longer on sale at the Bookshop

As you might know, for some time the Bookshop also acted as a point of sale of Microsoft products. Please note that this is no longer the case.


The Swiss distributor of Microsoft software - DirAction AG - provides a website where CERN users can acquire copies of Microsoft software for home use. This website is available in three languages - English, French and German - and accepts payments by credit card or by money transfer from a bank account or PayPal.

Should you have any problems or questions relating to this website, you can contact the DirAction Team directly at + 41 43 299 44 00 or using the contact form. Note that the CERN Service Desk will not be able to assist you as this is a service provided by DirAction rather than CERN IT.

Please refer to this website for complete information on how to purchase Microsoft products.

Your feedback is welcome! Please contact us by e-mail.

by CERN Library