CERN stationery rejuvenated

With the introduction of CERN’s new graphic charter, our complete range of official communications stationery has been redesigned. Discover the newly harmonised and standardised range of CERN stationery.


As the Director-General announced in Bulletin 41-42/2012, a new graphic charter is now in force at CERN. The graphics team has taken this opportunity to redesign all the official CERN stationery, such as business cards, correspondence cards, letterheads, envelopes and file holders, all of which will now boast the same, unified format.

In keeping with CERN’s new graphic charter, even the business cards have had a makeover: of a better quality than their predecessors, they now elegantly display the CERN colours (namely the familiar Pantone 286 blue). These new cards, which all follow a standardised format, help to project a standardised corporate image of the Organization. Order them online now!

As the Director-General highlighted, “it's increasingly important for [our] message to be that CERN is a modern and innovative organisation with a clear sense of its own identity.”

To order business cards, please follow the link on this page to the online form.
Correspondence cards, letterheads, envelopes, file holders and other official stationery products must be ordered directly from the CERN Stores.

See the full range of CERN stationery available here.

More information on the graphic charter can be found here.

by Anaïs Schaeffer