The Staff Association has a new look and is modernizing itself

The Staff Association through its In-Form-Action Commission has worked to modernize its image, giving it at the same time a more professional look. In addition this year, the Staff Council has defined a new structure with 45 delegates that will take effect from 2014. This reduction in the number of delegates will allow each of your representatives to dedicate more of their time to training and to work in-depth on the subjects to be dealt with. It will improve efficiency, stimulate the work in the standing committees, and it should allow for a better recognition of the function of delegate.

The Staff Association has introduced a new policy of internal and external communication based upon the best available tools. Many of you took part in our end-of-year raffle and our logo competition at the beginning of 2013. Now, you can discover the new look of the Staff Association website and our recently opened Facebook page, featuring videos of your delegates. Why not come and meet them on the occasion of two exceptional events organized by CERN: the Passport to the Big Bang in June and Open Days in September 2013.

The Staff Association on the web

You can now follow the Staff Association’s activities on Facebook. Do not hesitate to join us on You will find, among other things, two series of videos: ‘Photo box’ in which your delegates talk about their functions, their activities, their passions and their vision of the relationship between the Management and the Staff Association; ‘Humorous’ with parodies of television commercials.

The Staff Association’s website is also being changed. Within a few months, it will consist of three sites in one: a site open to all, one for our members, and one for staff delegates. Come and surf on the current version of the public site: Your suggestions for improvements are most welcome.

Meet your delegates

The Staff Association will be organizing information meetings during the week of 13 to 17 May 2013 (see front page) where we will address issues requiring your attention and where your delegates will be present.

The Staff Association will take part in the inauguration of the Passport to the Big Bang project, a scientific tourist trail linking ten of the Laboratory’s sites in the Pays de Gex and the Canton of Geneva, on Sunday 2 June from 8:30 to 17:00. The goal of the project is to provide the local population with more information about the activities taking place on the various CERN sites scattered across the region. The trail comprises exhibition platforms at ten CERN sites. These platforms, situated just outside the fenced sites and therefore accessible to the public, explain the research being conducted every day at CERN and its impact on everyday life. Your delegates will also be present and will be happy to welcome you on our stand at Prévessin (main site) with a few surprises. Our teams await you. So take this opportunity to come and see us.

The Staff Association always wants to be closer to you and listen to your needs. From your side we invite you to come closer to your Staff Association and join us by becoming a member (

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