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L’excellence : impossible sans un personnel stable et expérimenté

Le monde entier avait les yeux fixés sur le CERN ce 4 juillet 2012, quand ATLAS et CMS ont annoncé leur découverte d’une particule « compatible avec le Higgs ». >>


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A new childcare

A childcare is opening at the Nursery school of CERN Staff Association from the beginning of the 2013 schoolyear. >>

Education et Libération

Vente d’artisanat du Tiers Monde Jeudi 23 et vendredi 24 mai 2013 CERN, Bâtiment principal >>


Thursday 23 May 2013 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber >>

Yoga Club

L'Assemblée générale du club de yoga aura lieu le 28 mai à 12 heures sur la mezzanine du bâtiment 504, en face des salles de yoga. >>


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Official News

Taxation in France | Memorandum concerning the annual internal taxation certificate and the declaration of income for 2012  
Tax declaration: for the attention of members of the personnel and pensioners living in France  
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Training and Development

Technical training: places available  
Safety Training: places available in May 2013  


Incivility on the road: this may also affect you!  


CERN Computing Colloquium | Scientific Databases at Scale and SciDB | 27 May  
Student Concert | Learning Classical Music Club | 15 June  
Children's Concert | Learning Classical Music Club | 15 June  
Academic Training Lecture | The Nuclear Physics Programme at CERN (1/3) | 29 May  
CERN Computing Colloquium | Hidden in the Clouds: New Ideas in Cloud Computing | 30 May  
Academic Training Lecture | The Nuclear Physics Programme at CERN (2/3) | 30 May  
Academic Training Lecture | The Nuclear Physics Programme at CERN (3/3) | 31 May  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 29 May  
CERN Recital | 28 May  
Globe Event | Lecture by Cédric Villani | 21 May  
Conference | From Newton to Hawking and beyond | 28 May  



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