SAFETY ALERT: Electrical insulation defect on safety helmets

Contrarily to the information provided until 31 May 2013, some “Euro Protection” safety helmets do not respect any of the requirements for electrical insulation.


This alert concerns the safety helmets identified under the following SCEM numbers:

  • white
  • yellow
  • blue

This amounts up to several hundreds of helmets on the CERN site.

People who need to wear an electrically insulated safety helmet for their activities, must from now on acquire a duly insulated item to be found on the CERN store under the following SCEM numbers:

  • Petzl Vertex ST Helmet (without vent)
  • IDRA Helmet with a visor for electrical work

As for the people who do not need to wear an electrically insulated helmet for their activities, they can continue working with the aforementioned helmets.

For your information, please take note of the maximum use limit of each helmet:

  • “Euro Protection” Safety Helmets (SCEM number: 5 years
  • Petzl Vertex ST Helmets (without vent) (SCEM number: 10 years
  • IDRA Helemts (SCEM number: 4 years

by HSE Unit