Preventing thefts and damage to property

The best means of preventing crime is to make it difficult to commit. As the summer holidays begin, in everybody's interest we advise the following precautions.


1. Money, valuables and keys
Never leave money or objects of value unattended in offices or changing rooms, even if they are locked. Keys and spares must always be taken away or kept in a safe place. Supposedly "safe" hiding places such as drawers, even locked ones, metal boxes and flower pots, are well known to burglars and should be avoided. Change lock codes regularly.

2. Doors and windows
Offices, workshops and meeting rooms, etc. should be locked when vacated. Care should also be taken that windows are properly shut, especially if they are easily accessible from the outside.

3. Vandalism
If you witness an act of vandalism of public or private property, please report all the facts and your observations immediately to the CERN Fire Brigade (74444).

4. Reporting incidents
Every misdemeanour solved increases the chances of others being prevented. All thefts, disappearances and other serious incidents must be reported immediately to the relevant services (e.g. Fire Brigade, Reception and Access Control Service, Cards Office, Users Office - see here).
Any information that might facilitate investigations, in particular the colour, make and registration number of vehicles or descriptions of individuals, should be carefully noted. Any important developments (e.g. objects found or new clues) should be reported to the relevant services.

5. Penalties
The CERN Management will not hesitate to apply the appropriate penalties or to report incidents to the police in its efforts to fight theft and other misdemeanours.

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