Thursday 28 November 2013 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

Amanece, que no es poco

Directed by José Luis Cuerda (Spain, 1989) 110 minutes

Amanece, que no es poco is a surreal comedy widely appreciated among Spanish film buffs. A rough translation of the title could be Dawn breaks, which is no small thing. It tells the story of a father and son arriving to a small village lost in the mountains where their inhabitants have a quite bizarre communal life: masses are like parties and people vote in order to elect the major, priest, teacher, prostitute and adulterers. Everyone seems to be an avid reader of William Faulkner and have a deep personal view of the world. Spanish cultural stereotypes are systematically presented in amusing forms, but criticism towards the Franco’s regime always lies beneath jokes and gags. Some of them became very well-known in Spain, being nowadays part of popular culture. This film could be considered as an unconventional fresco of what Spain was and still is.

Original version Spanish; English subtitles


Thursday 5 December 2013 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

Forestillinger / Performances

Directed by Per Fly (Denmark, 2007)

The CERN Cineclub proposes a very special cycle for December 2013, Forestillinger (Performances), a Danish TV series in 6 parts by director Per Fly, that we will condense in two evenings.

Performances revolves around Marko, the charismatic stage director who revolutionized Danish theatre in the 1990s. The story takes place during the rehearsals of his adaption for the stage of Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare which will prove to be the final production at Sortedam Theatre. The process leading up to the first night is examined and disassembled in its key passages.

"6 weeks, 6 persons, 6 realities" is the common caption for the six episodes that make Forestillinger. Each episode goes back to the beginning and tells how the preparation process is experienced by one of the main characters. Each episode takes place within roughly the same time-span and the same central scenes: The initial gathering at a dinner party, the first rehearsal, the fainting of an actress during rehearsals, a drunk actor, and finally the premiere.

It's not one story told from the point of view of different characters, it's a completely different story every time, even if the central moments are the same. The six main characters do indeed live in seperate realities, although they believe to share just one. What they're experiencing is their imagination ("forestilling"), or interpretation, of reality.

Forestillinger shows the viewer that the world is not black and white, and that depending on who you are there are different ways to experience reality. With a compelling cast and impeccable rigour, Forestillinger is a fascinating tribute to the complexity of life.

Original version danish; english subtitles 
First 3 parts on 5 December

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