New session of “CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services”

The training course is given by members of CERN’s CDS Team (IT-CIS group) and the Library Services (GIS SIS group) and is intended for all CERN members of personnel.


This course will present CDS,, and the content, scope and scientific information available in or with CDS, as well as the classification and organisation of the documents.

It is intended to give you the training to use CDS efficiently and, in particular, covers:

  • the main characteristics and advanced features for the search of documents (scientific, multimedia, etc)
  • the collaborative tools: baskets, alerts, comments, evaluation, etc.

  • the submission of documents in CDS and examples of workflows.

An important part of the training will be the various exercises, designed to give participants the ability to work with CDS in real life cases, including with the most advanced features.

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 Course code: 126CDS01 - CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services

Next session date is 10 December 2013, in English

For more information, contact the CDS Team directly by sending an e-mail to

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