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Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Dear Bulletin readers, this is our last issue of the year and we should like to take the opportunity to wish you a good Christmas break and an excellent new year! >>

Solid groundwork underlies a high-profile year

Many at CERN will remember 2013 as a year of major high-profile events, ranging from the Open Days to the Nobel Prize for François Englert and Peter Higgs. For me, it’s a year that’s shown how decades of diligent groundwork, a hallmark of CERN and particle physics, along with a deep-seated sense of the values of the Organization, lay the foundations for success. >>

LS1 Report: on the home straight in 2014

At 7.24 a.m. on 14 February 2013 the last beams for physics were absorbed into the LHC, marking the end of Run 1. The achievements since then over the first ten months of LS1 have been remarkable. The excellent progress of the maintenance work on CERN's accelerators, which is overwhelmingly on schedule – and even ahead of schedule in some cases! – was praised by the CERN Council last week. >>

Nobel Prize ceremony 2013

On 10 December 2013 particle physics took central stage at the Nobel ceremony in Stockholm. Among the invitees were Fabiola Gianotti, former ATLAS spokesperson, Joseph Incandela, CMS Spokesperson, and CERN theorist Luis Alvarez-Gaume. They share their feelings of the memorable day with us. >>

Dealing with data

Although not all proton–proton collisions have interesting characteristics that lead to discoveries, the more data the better the chances of spotting something new. ATLAS is improving its trigger system to be able to select even more collision events with potentially interesting physics. >>

Apprenticeships in success

Another perfect record for CERN's Apprenticeship Programme: double diplomas for all this year's graduates! >>

CERN Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have last-minute gifts to get? Stuck for ideas? The CERN Shop and the ATLAS and CMS secretariats have some wonderfully unique gifts and stocking-fillers for sale this year - perfect for the physics fanatics in your life. Let's take a look... >>

Scavenger hunt in the CERN Computing Centre

Hidden among the racks of servers and disks in the CERN Computing Centre, you’ll find Hawaiian dancers, space aliens, gorillas… all LEGO® figurines! These characters were placed about the Centre for the arrival of Google’s Street View team for the world to discover. >>

Security vs. Nations: a lost battle?

“Know the enemy” is one of the basic recommendations of the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (544–496 BC). In the cyber-world, the usual suspects are not only script kiddies, criminals and hacktivists, but also nation states. >>

Ombuds’ corner: Farewell

After thirty-three years at CERN, including three and a half years as Ombuds, I am leaving. During my time of Ombuds I have seen many people for discussions, misunderstandings, difficulties in communication and also conflicts. No institution can live without conflicts. The main thing is not to face conflicts but to be flexible enough to resolve them. >>

News from the Library: Your opinion matters!

The collection of e-books available from the CERN Library has dramatically increased over the last 3 years. To better assess their usage and to get feedback on the quality of the collection, we are launching a survey: click here. >>

Joachim Tückmantel (1948 - 2013)

The news of the sudden death of Joachim Tückmantel on 7 December 2013 filled us, his colleagues and friends, with immense grief and deep sadness. He passed away shortly after retiring from CERN where he worked for 40 years. >>

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