How to fill in your OHS-0-0-3 Safety Form

The HSE Unit reminds all members of personnel that the OHS-0-0-3 Safety Form entitled “Identification of occupational risks” must be filled in on EDH at least once a year with their supervisor.


The form helps identify the occupational risks a person is exposed to in the course of his or her activities at CERN. In addition it provides information for the Medical Service database, which is used for personalized follow-up of employees.

All persons who have only filled in the “paper” version of the form with their supervisor in previous years are required to complete the online form on EDH.

Those who have already filled in the online OHS-0-0-3 form can find it on EDH or on their MARS form and clone it, verify it, update it if necessary and sign it.

More information can be found on the CERN Admin e-guide.

by HSE Unit