Lift conference | 5-7 February

Since 2006, Lift Events explore the business and social implications of new technologies through the organisation of international event series and open innovation programs in Europe, Asia and America. The next conference will be held on 5-7 February in Geneva.


(Image: © Lift Conference)

The Lift Conference is one of the leading conferences on innovation in Europe and a key annual meeting for individuals and organizations wishing to understand and anticipate trends and innovation.

Held every year in February in Geneva (5-7 February 2014), the Lift Conference is a three-day event consisting of talks, interactive workshops, exhibitions, and discussions bringing together over 1’000 participants from all society’s sectors and industries in a dynamic and informal environment with the aim to learn, connect, share and leverage innovation opportunities.  

Extraordinary speakers will take to the stage at Lift14: Porter Erisman, former VP of turned film director, the creative director of the New York Times R&D Lab Alexis Lloyd will discuss innovation strategies, and Fabio Gramazio - world-class architect using robots to re-connect architects to how buildings get built - will discuss their integration in the future of work. Juval Dieziger - co-founder of one of Berlin's most ambitious urban concept: Holzmarkt - will present in the session on Counter Culture Inspiring Industries alongside David Pescovitz, co-founder of Boing Boing who will tell us how they grew from a small print fanzine to one of the most popular blogs on the web, attracting over 5 million monthly visitors.

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