Hackathon: Call for applications - the search for cinema-loving scientists is on

CinéGlobe, the International Film Festival at CERN, is organising the “Story Matter” Hackathon in partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute, Festival Tous Écrans and the Lift Conference.


The Hackathon is an international workshop devoted to science and interactive storytelling, organised as part of the CinéGlobe International Film Festival.

The initiative aims to create stories from science and science from stories. From 15 to 19 March 2014 at the Globe of Science and Innovation, film-makers chosen for their artistic and storytelling skills will join forces with cutting-edge technology experts and field-leading scientists to discover and, in teams, create works of art based on the fusion of these three disciplines.

During the Hackathon, each team will be tasked with working together to explore interactive ways to tell stories. Their goal will be to create non-linear multimedia works which illuminate the hidden stories behind science using the latest results of scientific research. The projects will be informed by CERN’s expertise, particularly in the fields of particle, nuclear and high-energy physics and on subjects such as the Standard Model, supersymmetry, grid computing or even exploring the role of cosmic rays in the formation of clouds.

Applications for the “Story Matter” Hackathon will be accepted until 17 February 2014, with the aim of forming five hybrid teams of scientists, specialists in new technology and content creators. So if you are passionate about science, like films and storytelling and want to take part in this new adventure, sign up for the Hackathon now at: www.cineglobe.ch/hackathon. Cinéglobe is also looking for volunteers to help with the organisation. If you are interested, please contact volunteers@cineglobe.ch

The Hackathon event is part of CinéGlobe, the International Film Festival at CERN, and marks the first partnership between the Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI), as well as being the first international and first science-focused event in the Tribeca Hackathon programme. The Lift Conference and the Festival Tous Écrans, an international film, TV and transmedia festival in Geneva, are also lending their support to this event. A selection of works will be presented at the Festival Tous Écrans in November 2014.

by CinéGlobe Team