The "Karma Level Sexy Bottom" awards are back at CERN

The highly coveted "Karma Level Sexy Bottom" awards are given to the winners of the “Bike to CERN” competition. There is only one way to secure your place in history: commute to work on your bike, no matter what the weather conditions are and how busy you may feel.


The president of the CERN cycling club, Henrik Nissen (left), with Tim Smith, one of the three winners of the “Bike to CERN” Challenge.

At CERN, bikers have a dedicated club and can take part in two popular events designed to challenge them: Bike2Work, which has been going for 10 years and which, every June, mobilises some 50,000 employees from more than 1100 companies and organisations across Switzerland, and the “unofficial Bike to CERN” challenge, which runs throughout the year. In 2013, 125 people took part in this local competition, but many CERN personnel ride to work every day without registering their kilometres. The three winners, all corresponding to the so-called "Karma Level Sexy Bottom", are: Tim Smith (7182 km), Martial Dujardin (5109 km) and Gabriele Thiede (4326 km). The remaining group of participants have all received a diploma stating their respective karma level.

A festive celebration for the winners took place in front of Restaurant 1 on Wednesday, 7 May.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for the 2014 season:


The rule is simple: commit to cycling and
the next award can be yours!

by CERN Bulletin