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Monitoring every last trace

The LHC is set to reach a record energy of 6.5 TeV per beam next year and will therefore be producing high energy radiation, as will the injectors supplying it. When exposed to this radiation, some equipment could potentially become radioactive and must therefore be carefully identified and monitored... this is where TREC comes in: software developed by CERN and currently being deployed in our accelerators. >>

A beam line to inspire

Just as the sunshine seems to have arrived back at CERN, in other respects summer is coming to a close as we say our farewells to this year’s crop of summer students. This injection of young people – always a welcome feature in July and August at CERN – dates back to the early 1960s, when the Summer Student programme began under one of my predecessors Vicky Weisskopf. >>

LS1 Report: antimatter research on the starting blocks

The consolidation work at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) has been very intensive and the operators now have a basically new machine to “drive”. Thanks to the accurate preparation work still ongoing, the machine will soon deliver its first beam of antiprotons to the experiments. The renewed efficiency of the whole complex will ensure the best performance of the whole of CERN’s antimatter research programme in the long term. >>

Fancy a ride?

This Sunday 7 September, don’t miss your chance to climb into a supercar, one of those exceptional machines that tear up the tracks and that you sometimes hear revving their engines on the motorway. The 2014 supercar experience day, organised by members of CERN, will allow car lovers to go for a ride in style and all for a good cause! >>

ALICE physicists receive 2014 Lise Meitner Prize

On Wednesday, 3 September, four ALICE physicists were presented with the European Physical Society's 2014 Lise Meitner Prize for their outstanding contributions to nuclear physics (see here). >>

Discover POPSCIENCE on Researchers' Night

On Friday 26 September 2014, CERN will be celebrating European Researchers' Night at three venues in Geneva and St. Genis-Pouilly. Inspired by Andy Warhol, this year's theme is “Pop science is for everyone”. >>

Behind the scenes of GS: CERN’s beating heart

Founded at the same time as CERN, the library has followed, and sometimes even moved ahead of, the changes in the Organization. Today, far from being a simple book depository, the Scientific Information Service (SIS) that manages CERN's library is increasingly digitising its material and investing in innovative projects, such as Open Access. >>

Computer Security: Enter the Cloud, pay with your password

Let me tell you a story that recently happened to a colleague of mine. She was looking for a nice e-mail client for her brand new Android smartphone. She found several apps suiting her needs, installed all of them on her phone, configured them with her CERN password so that they could access her CERN e-mails and tested them thoroughly. In the end, she was happy with one and deleted the other apps. >>

Ombud's Corner: Respect in the workplace

Launched in a previous issue of the Bulletin (see here), the 'Respect@CERN' campaign has triggered some rich and varied reactions, and contributions received from colleagues have covered a wide range of themes that extend from the basic “golden rule of treating others as you would have them treat you” to some very specific observations of respectful behaviour in the CERN context. >>

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Elections to the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) 2014  
Operational Circular No.2 (Rev. 2) - Conditions of access to the fenced parts of the CERN site  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund  

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Technical Training: Make the most of Office, Sharepoint and Lync 2013  
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ActiWiz – a tool to reduce activation levels in CERN’s accelerators even further  


Université de Genève | Particle Physics Colloquium | 10 September  
Live Webcast | 60 years of CERN – 60 years of Science for Peace | 17 September  
Internal lecture | LEP I era (1984-1994) | Celebration of Herwig Schopper's 90th birthday | Main Auditorium | 16 September  
CERN Library | Cecilia Jarlskog presents "Portrait of Gunnar Källén: a physics shooting star and poet of early quantum field theory" | 16 September  
Université de Genève | Particle Physics Colloquium | 24 September  
Diversity in Action Workshop | 18 September  
Exhibition | CERN Micro Club | 1-30 September  
Internal conference in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary | 8 September  
"Science and Peace" symposium to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Council session | 19 September  
Concert | United Nations Orchestra at CERN | 19 September  
CineGlobe Film Festival presents Particle Fever in celebration of CERN's 60th anniversary | 20 September  
Concert | The CERN Choir hits the high notes | Victoria Hall | 30 September  

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