TEDx Place Des Nations | 11 decembre

On 11 December, Geneva will host the TEDxPlaceDesNations event.


TEDxPlaceDesNations, in the spirit of TED’s “Ideas Worth Spreading” principle, will involve innovators, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, scientists and peacemakers. The eleven speakers will share how their work can help find solutions to today’s challenges.

Among the speakers will be Javier Serrano, a CERN physicist and electronics engineer. He is the co-author of the CERN Open Hardware License and the creator of the Open Hardware Repository, a web platform where companies, institutes and individuals can share their hardware designs for free.

Additional information is available at the TEDxPlaceDesNations site. The detailed programme will be posted on 28 November.

Seats are limited, so registration is essential. The event can be followed by live webcast here.