The Safety Training Centre is also used for recruitment

The Safety Training Centre on the Prévessin site boasts not only a life-sized mock-up of the LHC accelerator but also a number of other simulators, such as those used for electrical work certification (“habilitation électrique"). What better place to test the technical competencies of candidates applying for a job in the CERN Fire Brigade?



Instructors put the technical competencies of candidates applying for positions in the CERN Fire Brigade to the test in the tunnel that houses the LHC mock-up.


On 4 and 5 November, the Fire and Rescue Service’s facilities were used for the first time by the selection committee for a staff position. This gave candidates the chance to show their abilities and physical fitness in practice. CERN’s Safety Training Centre, which was fitted with a mock-up of the LHC in 2013, is becoming more and more widely used: by the Fire Brigade for their professional training sessions, including those organised with external services (the French and Swiss fire brigades and centres specialising in training relating to radiation protection, operational issues or thermal phenomena, etc.) and, during the summer, it was used for one of the activities featured in CERN’s week-long science camp for children and for the Safety Day organised as part of the Beam Line for Schools project.

by Antonella Del Rosso