New procedure for declaring accidents resulting in bodily injuries

The HR Department would like to remind members of personnel that, according to Administrative Circular No. 14 (Rev. 3), entitled “Protection of members of the personnel against the financial consequences of illness, accident and incapacity for work”, accidents resulting in bodily injuries and presumed to be of an occupational nature should, under normal circumstances, be declared within 10 working days of the accident having occurred, accompanied by a medical certificate.

In an effort to streamline procedures, occupational accident declarations should be made via EDH using the “declaration of occupational accident” electronic form.

For the declaration of non-occupational accidents resulting in bodily injuries of members of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS), a new paper form has been elaborated that can be downloaded from the CHIS website and is also available from the UNIQA Helpdesk in the Main Building.

If you encounter technical difficulties with these new documents which replace the “HS 50 accident declaration” paper form, please e-mail, explaining the problem.

In addition, all accidents occurring on the CERN site, while on duty travel or while travelling between home and CERN should be reported in accordance with Safety Code No. 2 using the EDH Internal Accident Report.

Further information can be found on the “Accidents" procedure page of the Admin e-guide.

HR Department & DG Unit Administrative Processes Section