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End-of-year closure 2014/2015

As announced in Bulletin 6-7/2014, the Laboratory will be closed from Saturday 20 December 2014 to Sunday 4 January 2015 inclusive. >>

Pension payment dates in 2015

The pension payment dates for next year are also available on the Pension Fund website. >>

New procedure for declaring accidents resulting in bodily injuries

The HR Department would like to remind members of personnel that, according to Administrative Circular No. >>

106TH ACCU Meeting DRAFT

Agenda for the meeting to be held on Tuesday 2 December 2014 at 9:15 a.m. in room 60-6-015: >>

CHIS – Services available during CERN’s end-of-year closure

The UNIQA Helpdesk at CERN, which has been temporarily relocated to Building 510, will be closed during CERN's end-of-year closure (20 December 2014 to 4 January 2015).   >>

CHIS – New insurance cards and phone numbers valid from 1 January 2015

New health insurance cards will be posted to CHIS members by mid-December. The new cards are valid from 1 January 2015 and will no longer indicate an end date. You may use the card as long as you are member; if lost, a new card will be delivered on request. >>

CHIS - Information concerning the health insurance of frontalier workers who are family members of a CHIS main member

We recently informed you that the Organization was still in discussions with the Host State authorities to clarify the situation regarding the health insurance of frontalier workers who are family members (as defined in the Staff Rules and Regulations) of a CHIS main member, and that we were hoping to arrive at a solution soon. >>

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Training and Development

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Staff Association

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