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Don’t call it a closure!

During the Laboratory’s annual closure, some members of the personnel joined their families, others seized the chance to travel the world. The Restaurants were closed, the corridors were dark and the heating was turned off in most of the buildings. However, a lot of people spent the Christmas break working on site and the Bulletin would like to dedicate this first article of the new year to them all! >>

Spoilers! It’s LHC Season 2

2015: the year we begin the LHC’s second run, and UNESCO’s International Year of Light. For CERN, these will be the defining themes of the year. When it comes to LHC Run 2, the reasons are clear, and despite the title of this article, it is not within my power to predict what new discoveries may come our way. For the International Year of Light, however, I think I can safely make some predictions. >>

LS1 to LHC Report: LHC key handed back to Operations

This week, after 23 months of hard work involving about 1000 people every day, the key to the LHC was symbolically handed back to the Operations team. The first long shutdown is over and the machine is getting ready for a restart that will bring its beam to full energy in early spring. >>

Keep calm and share science!

FameLab is the exciting competition for young researchers that is conquering the world of science communication. CERN, which was already a partner in the Swiss and French competitions, is now launching its own event. Enter the competition now! >>

2015: International Year of Light

The year 2015, a century after the publication of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity in 1915, has been proclaimed the International Year of Light and light-based technologies by the UN General Assembly. CERN is taking this opportunity to communicate informationabout the High Luminosity LHC project and CERN’s involvement in the SESAME synchrotron project in Jordan. In addition, light has been chosen as the main theme of CERN’s participation in the 2015 Researchers’ Night. >>

Léa: at at the crossroads of science and dreams

"Léa, un ange dans ma maison" (Léa, an angel in my house) is a film written, directed, produced and self-financed by Jacques Fichet, a member of CERN’s Communications Group. CERN features only as a backdrop, but you may recognise some of the locations from your daily life and some familiar faces. A preview screening is scheduled for this evening at the Cinéma Voltaire (Ferney-Voltaire, France). Other screenings with English subtitles will soon follow at cinemas all over the region. >>

The end of an era for the CERN Restaurant

She’s known ten Directors-General, six managers and dozens of colleagues. Her small frame and silver hair, which seem to defy time, are well-known to the thousands of people who use the restaurant. Martine Schmitt is leaving CERN’s Restaurant 1 on 30 January, after an incredible 45 years of service. >>

Taking CERN physics to South Asia

CERN physicists travelled to South Asia last month to bring a plethora of particle physics events to schools, universities and public venues. The initiative was the first of its kind in the region, and brought CERN particle physics to a new audience in Nepal and India. >>

CAS course on Plasma Wake Acceleration

The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) recently organised a specialised course on Plasma Wake Acceleration, held at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, from 23 to 29 November 2014.  >>

Computer Security: Protect your plant: a "serious game" about control system cyber-security

Control system cyber-security is attracting increasing attention: from cybercriminals, from the media and from security researchers. >>

Daniel Brandt (1950-2014)

It was with great sadness and emotion that we learnt of the death of our colleague and friend Daniel Brandt. >>

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