Laser training courses: new purpose-built room for practical exercises

CERN’s Safety Training Centre, on the Prévessin site, now features a new facility for the “Laser - Expert” and “Laser - User” training courses: a dedicated room for practical exercises, near the theoretical training room. From now on, participants will be able to move from theory to practice in just a few steps!


The new room, equipped with real lasers ranging from levels 1 to 4, allows the participants to put their training into practice in real-life situations, solidifying the principles and lessons learned during the theory part – and all in complete safety, since the room was of course designed to allow the control of dangers posed by lasers. The participants and instructors are also provided with the required personal protective equipment (goggles, etc.) during the sessions.

Efforts are being made to make the Centre's infrastructure more useful to improve the quality of training on offer. For example, the laser training room was planned not only with typical participants in mind but also for use by the Fire and Rescue Service. The firefighters need to be trained to carry out operations in areas containing lasers, so they will benefit greatly from the new equipment.

The HSE Unit would like to thank all the departments and people who have contributed to this development, especially Roland Magnier.

To sign up for a laser training course, please use the Training Catalogue (“Non-ionizing radiation” category).

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by Safety Training, HSE Unit