Behind the scenes at Microcosm

Works advance at Microcosm in preparation for a progressive opening of the new exhibitions from mid-July onwards.


Construction of the section on the LHC experiments (mid-June 2015).


The Microcosm exhibition space is undergoing a total revamp and will feature many new objects. Old favourites, such as the LHC tunnel model and the Linac module, will be brought up to date with more modern exhibition techniques. Another main thrust of the new exhibitions will be the focus on the people that make CERN work. This is both to show the huge diversity of expertise needed at CERN and also to help students envisage where a career in physics or engineering might take them.

With the project getting the go-ahead last autumn and the closure of the Globe for building works starting from May this year, the new Microcosm exhibition areas will open progressively as and when installations are completed to ensure that summer visitors who haven’t booked a guided tour will have something to visit as early as possible. In July and August, a guide will be present in Microcosm to offer additional explanations.

The garden will also open to visitors, with new access gates allowing CERN cardholders to enter directly without passing through Reception.

by Emma Sanders