Communication: I like

To fulfill its mission to represent CERN personnel with the Management and the Member States, the Staff Council has set up a series of Commissions: employment conditions, pensions, legal matters, social protection, health and safety, InformAction, CAPA (individual cases) and, more recently, Media-Com.

As its name suggests the Media-Com Commission deals with all matters of communication.

The mandate of the new Commission is to implement and optimize the communication channels that the Staff Association uses to keep you informed.

To attract the greatest number of people, Media-Com operates through multiple communication channels, such as articles in the Echo, the Staff Association information bulletin, the Staff Association website (http://staff-, Facebook, and, more recently, the intra-CERN Social platform.

The Social platform is a discussion forum, for exchanging ideas, expressing views, reacting to, and commenting on current events of the Staff Association. To participate, you need to log on to and then choose to follow news from the Staff Association.

All these tools, implemented and maintained by Staff Association, inform you about the directions chosen by and the challenges facing the Staff Association. Yet they also allow you to express yourself and inform us about your views in an easy way.

Information is not an end in itself, but explaining, expressing oneself, debating…, communicating in general, are essential processes to guarantee a correct representation of the staff.


by Staff Association