Going on holiday? Travelling on duty? Do you know what to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen?

It’s summertime and many of us will be going on holiday, perhaps far away from Geneva. Duty travel also takes many of us far away from CERN from time to time. You probably know how to cancel your credit cards if they are lost or stolen, but do you know how to block your CERN mobile phone from use?


Recently, one user waited until returning to CERN to block theirs which was enough time for the thief to run up a substantial phone bill. Please make sure the same doesn’t happen to you!

If your phone is lost or stolen:

  1. during working hours: call the Telecom Lab on +41 22 767 2480 or the CERN Switchboard on +41 22 767 6111 as soon as possible and provide:
    - your telephone number,
    - your name / first name / department.
  2. outside working hours: call the Swisscom hotline as soon as possible on:
    - +41 800 55 64 64 (in Switzerland) or,
    - +41 62 286 12 12 (outside Switzerland).

You will also need to report the loss or theft in accordance with CERN’s official procedure, which means you at least need to make a report to the local authorities and then complete the declaration of loss or theft form.

Please note that you must follow these steps even if you are using your own mobile phone. The loss of the SIM card exposes CERN (and you if you have a private subscription) to financial loss if the subscription is abused.

This information, as ever, can be found on the CERN mobile phone website, where there is a dedicated information page for loss and theft.