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Release the beams! - Linac4 ready to hit the 50 MeV mark

The Linac4 accelerator is now prepared to reach 50 MeV. This milestone energy - expected in the coming weeks - will allow the machine to act as a replacement for the ageing Linac2, four years before it takes over at the head of the accelerator chain in 2020.  >>

High-Luminosity LHC moves to the next phase

This week saw several meetings vital for the medium-term future of CERN.  >>

LHC Report: perhaps the end of the beginning

The 2015 6.5 TeV proton run will end on the morning of 4 November as we approach the close of an interesting but somewhat challenging year. Following machine development time and a technical stop, the LHC will restart operation with a proton-proton configuration at 2.51 TeV in the middle of November. Data from this special run will be used by the experiments as a reference point for the proton-lead and lead-lead collisions.   >>

To High Luminosity and beyond!

This week marks a major milestone for the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC - see here) project, as it moves from the design study to the machine construction phase. HL-LHC will extend the LHC’s discovery potential, increasing luminosity by a factor of 10 beyond the original design value and allowing the scientific community to study new phenomena.  >>

A spin-off company helps to unlock the full potential of Invenio software

In recent years, the success of Invenio meant that the team of software developers based in the CERN IT Department were receiving more and more requests to assist organisations in creating new Invenio installations, as well as providing support for them. The large number of support requests required a new solution. CERN therefore decided to help a team of budding young entrepreneurs to set up a company to provide specialist Invenio support. >>

The Globe laid bare

If you’re at CERN at the moment, you will certainly have noticed the work under way on the Globe. The structure, which has been in pride of place opposite the Laboratory for over ten years, has never been so completely laid bare. But, as we explained in a previous article (see here), it is all for a good cause. The Globe is built entirely from wood and certain parts of it need to be replaced. >>

How to avoid a Nightmare on CERN Street

You boot up your laptop and seek out the nearest secure Wi-Fi network. It’s the twenty-first century - surely there must be something available? But as the search continues and the spinning ball keeps on turning, you start to feel that slow creep of dread... unless, of course, you’re using Eduroam! >>

All aboard the Safety Train(ing)!

Would you like to influence CERN’s safety courses? Do you want to help build better training courses? If your answer is yes to one or both of these questions: now is the time! The Safety Training section is looking for volunteers from the whole CERN community to test new courses before they go online for all members of the personnel.  >>

From the CERN web: Standard Model, SESAME and more

This section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing... >>

Computer Security: SAHARA - Security As High As Reasonably Achievable

History has shown us time and again that our computer systems, computing services and control systems have digital security deficiencies. Too often we deploy stop-gap solutions and improvised hacks, or we just accept that it is too late to change things.  >>

Ombud’s Corner: mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace: what possible relevance could an ancient Buddhist practice have in today’s busy professional world? And yet, the notion seems to have caught on in many organisations as more and more people are finding it to be an effective way of dealing with the complexities of day-to-day working life… >>

Roger Anthoine (1925-2015)

CERN was saddened to learn of the passing of Roger Anthoine on 26 October. Roger was the first person in charge of CERN’s public relations activities, including VIP visits and the Press Office. He launched the CERN Courier and the CERN Bulletin, and even invented the role of CERN official guide. >>

Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout

In the interests of enhanced safety, a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists has been constructed around the outside of the Saint-Genis roundabout. However, the markings of the previous cycle path, which is now closed to traffic, are still visible and can cause confusion. We therefore call on everyone to exercise extreme caution and to use the new pathway. >>

Hypertension screening programme | 2-6 November

The health campaign “Take your blood pressure to heart”, organised by the CERN Medical Service’s nurses in March 2015 proved a real success. >>

Blood donation | 4 November

... >>

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A2 Code - Internal Accident Report. Does it ring a bell?  
Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout  
Closure of the Car Pool in building 130 until 6 November  
Vaccination against seasonal flu  


CERN Library | Events in November  
University of Geneva | Physics Colloquium | 2 November  
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Symposium | Science, technology, innovation & social responsibility | 11 November  
Conference | The Big Bang and the interfaces of knowledge: towards a common understanding? | 11 November  
Academic Training Lectures | The Cosmological Constant Problem | 12-13 November  
CERN openlab to host innovation and entrepreneurship event | 26 November  
QUANTUM @ Théâtre Forum Meyrin | 30-31 October  
Hypertension screening programme | 2-6 November  
Blood donation | 4 November  

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