CERN Library | Sandrine Saison-Marsollier, Corinne Pralavorio and Michel Spiro present "Si tu devais me dessiner l’Univers…" | 10 December

Sandrine Saison-Marsollier, Corinne Pralavorio and Michel Spiro present Si tu devais me dessiner l’Univers…

Thursday, 10 December 2015 at 3.30 p.m.
at the Library, Building 52-1-052

Tea and coffee will be served at 3 p.m.

In 2014, CERN launched an art competition for local primary schools. Children were asked to come up with questions about the universe, matter and working as a researcher. The initiative was so successful that it has been turned into a book that teachers can explore with their pupils, discussing the questions and discovering the answers together. The book is laid out in double-page spreads, with the child’s illustration on one page and the question and its answer opposite. The answers take the form of a short text written by Michel Spiro, the competition’s scientific advisor, together with a cultural quotation whose purpose is to highlight the close association between science, literature and philosophy. The questions include: What was there before the Big Bang? Are researchers just like everyone else? Why don’t the laws of physics change? Can we catch particles? What will physicists do when they have discovered what is inside particles? What is inside a black hole? Is any force capable of breaking electrons? Do particles grow when we grow? Does space go on forever?

Si tu devais me dessiner l'Univers... : 50 questions sur l'Univers, la matière, les chercheurs - pour le primaire by Sandrine Saison-Marsollier, Corinne Pralavorio, Michel Spiro and Marc Goldberg, Éditions le Pommier, 2015, ISBN 9782746509337.

by CERN Library