CAS course on Intensity Limitations in Particle Beams at CERN

The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) recently organised a specialised course on Intensity Limitations in Particle Beams, at CERN from 2 to 11 November, 2015.  


Many accelerators and storage rings, whether intended for particle physics experiments, synchrotron light sources or industrial applications, require beams of high brightness and the highest possible intensities. A good understanding of the possible limitations is required to achieve the desired performance. This course covered the interaction of beams with their surroundings and with other beams, as well as further collective effects. The lectures on the effects and possible mitigations were complemented by tutorials.

The course was very successful, with 66 students representing 14 nationalities attending. Most participants came from European counties, but also from Armenia, China and Russia. Feedback from the participants was positive, reflecting the standard of the lectures and teaching.

In addition to the academic programme, the participants also had an opportunity to take part in a typical Swiss excursion to Bern and Gruyères, and a short CERN tour, both of which were highly appreciated by all who took part.

Forthcoming CAS courses in 2016 will be: a specialised school on Free Electron Lasers and Energy Recovery Linacs (FELs and ERLs) in collaboration with DESY in Hamburg, Germany in June; an Introductory School on Accelerator Physics to be held in Istanbul, Turkey in September; and a specialised school on Beam Injection, Extraction and Transfer (location to be decided), in November.

Further information can be found on the CAS website.

by CERN Accelerator School