LabVIEW workshops 2016: a free and fun way to learn a new programming language

We are organising about 5 workshops (1 day per week - 2 hours after work) at CERN in the following months, particularly aimed at CERN people (especially technical students). 



The courses will start with the basics of LabVIEW. During the course, which is based on official National Instruments (NI) training materials, we'll learn together how to program in LabVIEW and how to interface with NI hardware. Depending on the participants’ needs and requests, the topics of FPGA and Real-Time could also be explored. The course ends with the CLAD certificate exam. The course and materials are in English.

What is LabVIEW? A highly productive development environment for creating custom applications, allowing users to code in a single language for devices ranging from FPGA, through RT systems to PCs. The software is used at CERN, but not everybody has had the opportunity to work with it. Now could be a good time for you to start.

Target audience: For students and anyone else interested.

Pre-requirements: No experience required, but a bit of programming awareness is recommended. 

If you are interested:
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Organisers: Patryk Oleniuk, LabVIEW Student Ambassador (CERN, TE-EPC) assisted by Izabela Horvath (CERN, TE-MSC), Michał Maciejewski (CERN, TE-MPE) and CERN’s LabVIEW support team.

All courses are free – we offer them because we're LabVIEW fans…

Note: These workshops are given by volunteers. We like LabVIEW and want to share our knowledge of it. The course and the exam are free of charge and the workshops should not be considered as professional NI training. Please refer to the Technical Training catalogue ( for all formal LabVIEW training courses available.